Sasha Brisk, is an accredited Fitness and Wellness Coach, Certified Level III and IV Personal Trainer, Exercise and Aqua Instructor, has Certificates in Child and Older adults Fitness, Pregnancy and Post Natal Training, Diploma in Business, Bachelor in Metaphysics Counselling, and Level II Wellness Coach. She has spent the last fifteen years sharing her passion of Health and Fitness with others, determined to help educate people around the psychology of an improved quality of life. At sixteen years old she captained the Australian Open Women’s' Indoor Soccer Squad in Canada. As a result of her success she was rewarded an Australia Day medal for Sporting Achievement including a Mick Young Scholarship.

Sasha is Founder and Director of Ascend With Wellness, established in 2012, operating out of her family home and in various roles out of local Fitness Centres.

She has spent 10 years leading multimillion dollar franchise and corporate Health Clubs working with staff in all sectors including Sales, Personal Training and Group Fitness, Member Care, Club, Regional, and National. Her work is purely intuitive, teaching others how quality of life is important for happiness. She tailors personalised programs around creating positive habits to integrate Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Well-being – all the important ingredients of Wellness.

Sasha has not only helped others, she has also understood what it feels like to be in that position of needing help. Sometimes people just need to be talking to someone who can understand the pain and reaffirm how it is possible to climb out of it, positive change – positive mindset.

Sasha’s biggest individual achievement was losing 51kg in 2 years. She did this by following her Ascend With Wellness Program after the birth of her daughter Grace, and son Jacob in 2016.

Sasha spent many early years studying Alternative healing, and practising Psychic Development, Tarot, Past Life Regression, Angel Intuitive, Theta, Sound, and Chakra Balancing. Mixing all of these, and many years of more study, she became author of 'Born With a Gift', and 'I Am an Indigo Child - Hear My Words', published through Balboa Press. She was also special Guest with Hayhouse Australia at Sydney’s Mind Body and Spirit Festival.

“Everyone has their own unique gift they can live through to enhance their own wellness energetically. They just need to be guided in the right direction"