Sasha Brisk

Sasha Brisk

Spiritual Mentor and Psychic. Author of 'Born With a Gift' and 'I Am an Indigo Child - Hear My Words'

“My name is Sasha, and I am an Indigo Child. I was born into a suburban family in South East Queensland. I have one sibling Luke who is 18 months younger than me. I have a loving mother and father. I am twenty-eight years old, and chose to take this path in life, to help others, help those around them, to pull through these tough times that I had experienced throughout my childhood and adolescents. When I look back, boy I was a tough kid!

Growing up, I experienced all areas of the positives and negatives in life, and I learnt many life lessons from this. As a sensitive Indigo child I had problems with Authority, and always had to be right with my school teachers, some friends and parents especially. I just ‘knew I was right’, were the feelings embedded relentlessly inside, and I felt that my final decision was better than everyone else’s. There were a lot of confusion and misleading communication in these circumstances because I didn’t understand how I was so different and why others couldn’t see and feel what I could see. When I received the answers, they would come directly though a feeling, and subconsciously that would be my answer. My intuitiveness gained me direction in life, and was my best friend and my relationship with this spiritual aspect of who I was grew stronger each day. Eventually I was able to piece together the reason I could see, hear, feel and smell spirit, I just knew it wasn’t something from this Astral Plane Earth, but somewhere else in the universe, or in another universe, that humanity couldn’t comprehend.

I begin to ask questions, because I needed the truth, I needed the connection to who I was, and why others weren’t experiencing life like I was—using my intuitive gifts and being aware that there is more to humanity, and I was part of it, part of what, another generation of highly evolved beings that were able to communicate through intuitiveness, or what humans like to call feelings or emotion—which is all energy, science states this as all that is . . . right? Eventually I realised I am a gifted child with special abilities, and that I was normal—others who relied on attachments to objects and other people, and couldn’t see past the materialistic portion of solid in front of their very eyes, or answer a question by using the egoism and thought process of the mind, were in fact blind to the truth. I was very excited to communicate with spirit, I felt normal and to this day if any length of time goes by where I lose contact, I step back and find out what the distraction is. I now cannot cope without ongoing connection with spirit, and I know it is always there, you just have to be aware of it.

To this day I know what is a distraction and what isn’t, and negativity to me in any area of life—ego and that which we are not (drugs alcohol violence etc) I avoid, and have no room for it anymore. My positivity remains coherent and supportive through my spiritual self as a highly evolved being, or what others like to call a wise soul in a young body. Over the last few years my powerful words have changed people’s lives, and it may just be a few that remember the words spoken, but the actions as a result have profound impact on themselves as an individual. Their experiences are shared and like a domino effect spreads to another, and helps them too, in becoming a better person, positive and in tune with remembering who they are as a spiritual being living a human experience.

There is more to life than the eye can see. My message to the world is to just ‘be’ in the moment, not the past nor the future. What happens in this second of your life, impacts the next minute, day, year—your future. There is a message that we need to be aware of, and to notice the ‘change’ that is happening among us. As an Indigo Child, I am now more aware of this change, and psychically enjoy connecting with spirit to be reassured in the right direction, to fulfil my service to others, and teach others the service to the world—Peace on Earth through understanding, remembering and revisiting that state of consciousness where time doesn’t exist, and that our gifts in life are all that is required to move forward with passion, integrity and of course—love.