Queensland entrepreneur, and super mum of two - Sasha Brisk, dedicates herself to helping others achieve their dreams in life through Health & Fitness, & Holistic Intuitive Wellness.
Her career standout fields over fifteen years’ experience working within the health and fitness Industry in all roles of management including Membership, Personal Training and Group Fitness, Member Care, Club, Regional, and National Manager. She walks the talk too, post two emergency caesareans, and a near death Car Accident, she independently lost a combined 51 kilograms, simply by following her own Wellness Program.

At sixteen years old she captained the Australian Open Women’s' Indoor Soccer Squad in Canada. As a result of her success she was rewarded an Australia Day medal for Sporting Achievement including a Mick Young Scholarship.

In 2008 she became an entrepreneur creating her business Born With a Gift, which included a wide range of metaphysical healing services. She has been featured in GalTime, The Guest Blog, Wcax, Talking Mums, The Northern Times, 99.7fm, A Look Within- Conversations with Toni Reilly, just to name a few.

Sasha believes everyone has their own unique gift they can live through to enhance their own wellness energetically. Health, Fitness, and Soul Energy concentration are all necessary to achieve a holistic balanced and happy life.

In 2012 Sasha published her books 'Born With a Gift', and 'I Am an Indigo Child - Hear My Words', worldwide through Balboa Press, and featured as a special Guest with Hayhouse Australia at Sydney’s Mind Body and Spirit Festival.
Achieving all this, and more, she has conquered a balance in Health, Fitness and Wellness, thus building her latest business ' Ascend With Wellness'.