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Powerful and Energised Oracle Cards are useful in determining the outcome of guidance needed in sticky situations where your heightened emotional energy blocks you from making logical decisions.Oracle cards help to determine the outcome of a situation, as I tune in to your Auric Energy. I will be able to ‘feel’ the way you feel, and synch with you, and your current issues in life.

I will ask you for three questions that you seek answers to in life, and from here, we both can concentrate on one question at a time, and look to see your past, present, and future outcomes.

These outcomes will read in accordance to what stands out to me (colour or direct images), and the feeling I receive from each outcome.

Sometimes I feel communication from spiritual entities or deceased loved ones, and this may correlate to the message for you. The message will help your understand your direction in life. As I am completely in tune with you, I will be able to relay a variety of resources you will need to have with you, to move forward in helping to achieve your outcome. Some of these resources may include a piece from mother nature, spiritual cards or DVDs to watch, books to read, or simply a location you need to go and spend time in, because something is waiting to help solve the issue that stands.

Sometimes an energy block (Usually caused by a build-up of stress, or the inability to let go of past issues) needs to be released, and I help you with releasing these by offering further guidance and spiritual resources.

Doreen Virtue Certified (Hayhouse Australia)

Tarot Workshop completed through Toni Reilly Institute

Oracle Cards used are designed by Doreen Virtue, and John Holland

* Please note I am currently doing Email Readings only. This means I will be tuning in to you through distance. Readings are approx. 1 page per question and answer. Readings are $95 and will be emailed to you within 5 days of payment.  Each question after 3 is $45 each.

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