past life regression

Understand the reasons why things happen the way they do, in your current life, by going back in time and reliving them.

Have you ever had DejaVu? Or even a fear of water, snakes, and necklaces and have absolutely no idea why? Or perhaps you have a fear of water and cannot go on boats because you are afraid of the boat sinking or afraid of heights because you are afraid of falling. What about being attracted to the same type of male/female in your life, and they just don’t seem to work out the way you dream?

We all have questions in this lifetime, and it is normal so please don’t worry. Please understand that all of life is but a game that we planned before we were even born. It is a game that is strategized to relive those lessons we experienced in previous lives as karmic tests. We are all the players and we are living a life and learning from mistakes. Our goal is to reach pure enlightenment, and be the light that shines brighter than others in the form of love and contentment.

It’s time to find out why we have to go through these emotional yet confusing behaviours we do not have answers for – through a holistic therapy called Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression is a process that involves a series of questions while you are in what I call the Hypnotic State of mind (Theta State which is the relaxed state just before you fall asleep or just before you are fully conscious and awake).

You are always in full control of the answering any questions asked, just completely relaxed and with your eyes lightly closed.

I guide you back in time, through a deep meditation and as you fall into the hypnotic state I bring you to the first significant event that happened in a lifetime of yours many years ago.

We start to explore the past and you tell me aloud what you see. As I guide you around your life from event to event, you relive and feel it subconsciously through memory.

It is also common to recognise your friends and family in previous lives. Some people have seen their mother in this lifetime as their best friend in another, because in this life time their relationship with their mother is so closely connected. You may see your husband that you may fear in this lifetime (an issue we are due to resolve), as a murderer in a previous lifetime.

These events help you to understand why your life has been planned as it is in this lifetime, and by understanding the issues subconsciously we work on healing to remove them so they don’t come back and block your energy in moving forward and being happier with an outcome. Workshop Course completed through Toni Reilly Institute.

Past Life Regression sessions run for approx. 1 1/2 hours and are $145. Each session comes with a recording of the Regression which is emailed to you on the same day.


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