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25 Ways to Learn Love and Connect with Yourself
Sasha Brisk - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sometimes when we need a little boost of love, we can re-connect with our inner-self by refocusing our energy output. Here's how you can increase your love for yourself, create a higher respect for your self-worth, and learn simple quick ways to change your mood instantly...

Read a self-help e-book

Subscribe to free ‘heal yourself’ online E-Newsletters

Take an online Self-development course

‘Follow’ Motivating Twitter sites’

‘ Like’ Inspiring Facebook Pages

Watch a Yoga Video via You Tube

Meditate Frequently

Stretch daily in your backyard

Go for Bushwalks

Listen to Earthy Music

Get artistic; paint, draw, colour

Light a candle in the dark and watch the flames

Lay a blanket out under the stars

Sit on a beach rock and watch the sun come up/go down

Swim in a fresh water creek

Spend time in the kitchen ‘the heart of the home’

Spend time in silence without distractions for 15minutes

Go to a library and absorb your interest in the New Age section

Get creative; create a Vision Board

Sing your favourite ‘love songs’ out loud

Take a hot bubble bath

Light some candles with essence of Aromatherapy oils

Take a good rest on a hammock with your crystals and gems lined underneath you

Take a week off and spend some time in a cottage within a Rainforest alone.

Sage Smudge yourself whilst chanting ‘ I am Cleansed, I am Grounded, I am Strong, I am Love’


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