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Deja Vu & how it affects us
Sasha Brisk - Friday, May 30, 2014

What happens to an individual when they experience deja vu?

Deja Vu can be experienced much like being in a bubble of transcending energy. You feel slightly stunned and confused at the same time, yet still aware of your surroundings. Within a split second you have ‘recalls’ of past lives or early memories of this life, as if it has happened before. In some cases the individual can experience Deja Vu in the form of a vision for future events. These memories are always faint, yet sometimes when your vibrations are high and in tune, you can meditate on them to receive a clearer picture. When we meditate on this we transcend energy, that is we receive information through waves of energy. We tune in to our own vibrations and are then able to breakdown the scenes to what had or has happened. This is followed by a sense of knowing through our own intuition, and being, which clarifies the situation.

After an individual experience Deja Vu, their facial expressions change, following their mood, and they begin to realise the subtle change of their awareness. This is when following our gut brings us to the right path in life.

We like to recall all Deja Vu experiences as positive ones, but sometimes we do recall past memories as negative if at the time there was anger, a death or similar. These lessons are also very important because we bring them to our life now to experience them again, learn from the lessons and move forward finally being able to let them go.

What can be learned from deja vu?

We can learn a lot from Deja Vu, and this is really up to the individual. Unfortunately during negative Deja Vu, the individual is reminded of a scene they had experienced with for many years, and were unable to let it go from their lives. When this happens, and the feeling becomes emotional, it is important not to suppress them but to really ‘feel’ this and allow your body to just go with the follow. When we cry, it is because we are healing from the inside out, letting go of the root cause, which allows us to finally move forward in life taking the lessons learnt. We then become a stronger person and can than correlate how it is linked to events occurring in this lifetime, or in this present moment.

When the Individual experiences a feeling of ‘something feels familiar here’, this is when we need to tune in and really pay attention. If it is something that you can recall memory of than really follow this through. A lot of individuals will stop here and just recall a faint memory, but what one must do is pay attention to their senses. What can you smell, hear, feel, and is there any sense of heaviness or tingling in the body. What about taste or sight. All of these key factors are important to breaking the scene down and getting as much information as possible. It is then up to you to follow through with the information you have, which is sometimes exciting to look back in history and find. Perhaps your relative from 20 generations is linked, or this place you grew up in during a past life. Your husband in this life you may have a slight memory of being your father in a past life. These memories are sometimes important to have and we can learn from them because they help verify why we these attachments in this life time.

Some Deja Vu experiences can occur in this present moment for the future ahead, much like a vision, and although rare for some, they usually occur to those people with higher vibrations on this astral plane. These people are in tune with themselves and their life path. When experiencing something like this, it reinforces that they are on the right path and must continue following their intuition when making decisions.

If deja vu is happening frequently for someone, is that significant?

When Deja Vu occurs frequently it is important to pay attention. It can come in the form of many different signs, in relation to this experience. Whether a memory of the actual scene itself, or a feeling you have had before you need to be aware that it all reflects your life path now. You need to understand that a suppressed memory brought up now can help you unblock issues that are occurring now, and help you understand why they happen. You have been searching for answers like – why are you obsessed with the pyramids in Egypt, and go to Egypt with a sense of knowing and already being there before. When this happens you can finally piece the clues together, whilst following your intuition, thus creating a tighter life path and following your dreams. You may move into a home that feels just right, and it is where you know your entire life will settle in. This home feels like it is something you have lived in before - perhaps this same block of land feels familiar to you because the surroundings all feel like home. Perhaps this is a home you lived in a previous life, and may or may not still be the home built you grew up in. There have been many cases this has happened before, and tracing back through time you realise that Deja Vu is in fact real and is meant to help us not only piece our past together but our future as well.

Sasha Brisk

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