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Sasha Brisk - Thursday, July 02, 2015

Have you got Indigo Children, or are Indigo yourself?

Some people struggle to cope with expressing emotions in life, when they are naturally born hypersensitive - nothing wrong with it, just gifted intuitively, thats how we see it.

As Indigos we often find it hard to say how we feel to someone, in words, where alot of people expect you to explain yourself, and what you are the way you are, feel etc.
Im sure you can all agree that words dont really have alot of feeling, its whats said that makes you feel some way, but also the energy taken to say it before the words are spoken is what we feel. Some people dont even have to speak, and we feel the rush from them, be it nervousness, fear, happiness, jealousy, worry, excitement, thrill etc
Dealing with emotional response can sometimes be hard, so we find creative expression can release the build up in the form of visuals. Art therapy and music are perfect ways to express feeling.
Try putting a white canvas in front of a child with all the colours of the rainbow in paints, both the light pastel and fluoro, and the darker browns blacks and greys. Each day get them to paint something for you. Over time you will notice a pattern in colour. Good days are hugely brighter and wider, more free and circular. Also more spread out on the page and not as forceful. Bad days, such as having those Indigo 'problems with authority' and frustration, or even bad dreams can help express emotionally.
See how you go and what comes out.
Music is also another way to express emotionally. Music has vibration and helps to stabilise our emotional frequency also.

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