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Not Happy than Seek help
Sasha Brisk - Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Many people in this society grow old and unhappy. Only later do they realize that they have wasted their lives. Unfortunately, these people were not taught about life. They were not taught that there is more to life than alcohol, drugs, and gambling problems. They were not taught that they have chosen to live this life unhappily—and that is selfish. We must accept that our human body isn’t just a piece of meat to be abused and used; it is an emotional, sensitive spirit that is affected by feelings and thoughts. I believe we need to support each other by being open and willing to listen to everyone who requires help. A simple message can change someone’s life. If people choose not to change themselves, at least we will have tried—and that is all that matters.

If this is you—the person who has given up on life—then know this: there is more to life than what you are going through. And while you are still breathing, it’s not too late to change. By believing and having faith that there is more to life, you are taking the first step to becoming a better person. And immediately, you will start to feel good. So how do we start to feel good? Through self-inquiry—asking and always finding new solutions to everything we have ever wondered.

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