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Seeing the world in Colour - rather than Black & White
Sasha Brisk - Sunday, August 04, 2013

Here’s an exercise to try that will help you see the world in colour, rather than Black and White…

Surround yourself within a rainforest, or at the banks of a blissful creek full of flora and fauna. Ground yourself, with both feet connecting to the Earth, and feel relaxed in the present moment. Take a few deep breaths and try clearing the thoughts that may be flowing through your mind from the past or the future. When you feel like you are ready, open your eyes and look around at all the beautiful trees. Allow your eyes to observe the tree trunks, from the bottom at the roots, right up to the tops where you see the sunlight sparkle a reflection on the branches.

Open your senses to the activity of the tree; what is happening here? Does the tree look happy or sad? Is it struggling, or is it stable and strong? How do you think the tree has become the shape, the colour, and the texture it is now? Observe any flora growing alongside it, perhaps on the tree or around the tree branches. Can you see how the tree is responding to the competition of the other tree or plant that is racing to the sunlight?

Have a look around at the other trees, and ask yourself the same questions.

You will find yourself naturally connecting at a soul level, and at a more emotional level, than pure visual. Most of us would not acknowledge a tree’s reaction to Mother Nature at an emotional level, we would normally just glimpse at it and move on, feeling the entire rainforest as a ‘fresh and oxygenated’ environment. Sometimes when you open your senses to all the possible levels of life in the rainforest, you will find there is a deeper connection that makes you feel more ‘aware’ of your surroundings.

When we achieve this connection, we can then apply this exercise to real life scenarios. For example if you are wanting to break a particular habit, such as alcohol or gambling, obsession or jealousy, depression or severe anxiety, you could consider your habit as the black and white answer to your normal reaction to a problem. If you were to see an answer in colour, your would have to create an alternative that would be natural; such as a list of things that make you happy, content and balanced, to replace the emotional feeling of the habit when it arises again.

This would be seeing the answer in colour, with alternative answers, than in black and white.

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