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The Black UFO Disc
Sasha Brisk - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My dream started when....
"I was standing in my home one evening, and a black circular disc-like object fell from the sky. It was the size of a 5 cent coin. As it circled and lowered itself closer to my bedroom window, I gazed at it coming towards me. It slowly come down and latched itself onto me. It initially felt like a mosquito bite embedding its two little teeth into me, except this time its latch wasn't a bite, it looked like 2 clips that hinged itself under my armpit. It was so tight, it wouldn't come off. I didn't feel any more pain from here.
The moment I realised what was happening I started to ask myself where it was going to take me. I felt as though it had hinged itself to 'pull' me somewhere, somewhere I had never been before. I was ready to go on a journey, however I was slightly nervous because I had no idea where, I just trusted in this disc - it felt right.
I knew this black disc wasn't some 'random object', but a living being, it was ALIVE - a UFO. I could feel its energy, in waves of motion. Like the currents of waves, only invisible. It was mutely saying 'COME WITH ME'. In other words, communicating and asking me 'telepathically' to follow. So I did...
As I was in this last few moments of ' WOW', some of my friends came into the room to start chatting, and became very curious fast... they saw I was being what looked like 'abducted', by a small black disc under my armpit. They asked about where I was going, and I told them Aliens are taking my somewhere, I don't know where. They didn't believe me and laughed. I held up my armpit to prove to them I was telling the truth. When they saw the disc within a split second it disappeared into my body ( just under a sleeve of skin), not to be seen. It was hiding from my friends, but not from me. My friends blinked their eyes, and one of them said - that it was mostly imaginative and they were all just seeing things. They kept laughing and all of them then left the room. I was alone again - with this DISC.
When all was clear and out of sight, the black disc embedded itself deeper into my body, and had completely changed my consciousness to a state of calm, and purity. I felt very relaxed and balanced. I was no longer feeling curious, or wondrous about the situation, it all felt real and right. I went with the flow.
I was then lifted out of the window, like an angel flying slow but high off the ground of my window sil, and into the air - up, up into the sky towards the stars and the moon. Everything was so beautiful and calm, and I felt like I was floating about. I could see down the house, and the land - trees and grass. People were playing outside in the yard, and I was alone drifting into the night sky - very calm.
Time didn't exist either - it was the present moment, but not time. It felt like everything occurred at once, and nothing was tomorrow, or yesterday, in a second or just before. It happened all in one go, a split second before I realised what was going on. I felt tranced, and hypnotised, yet still in control because I enjoyed where I was, and where I was going. It all still felt right.
I fell into another state of consciousness, it was like a new dimension and one that I never had been to before. Unless you experience this new dimension, you could never completely describe it to them. Where this 'feeling' is something that happens with no time or emotion, it would be something that a book could be written over, yet still you would never be able to comprehend the new dimension of emotionless, and timeless. This new dimension I was experiencing in and around me was no human like, but spiritual and energy like. It was a higher 'all vibrational' plane. Telepathy was the only form of communication nd only people with higher vibrations on Earth were allowed to go to this new dimension, guided by the UFOs and Aliens.
They say in this place that everyone is Alien, and they look like large black long legged insects, but they are dressed as human - to be recognised by newcomers, like me. INSTINCT through telepathy, body language and vibrational channelling is their form of communicating.
My vision changed and I was in a new world of energy, that was just floating around in and on me. It was like being an imaginary dream, and in that dream, and that one again. I started to receive a vision of colour, and I could make out shapes, and textures of objects around me. It was as if I was waking up, in another dream.
The first thing I noticed was that everyone had human bodies ( like human shells) and their 'real' image was beneath this body. Similar to a snail in a shell, you cannot see the snail inside but you can see the shell. The living organism is the snail, the shell is just the protector. The 'real' image inside the human shell was energy - spirit. You can feel the difference when looking at these human bodies, and they are very different to the ones you live with on Earth.
My Purpose in this new dimension was to do with finding a male specimen to link with, connect and be with. I felt initially as though there was a man that was waiting here for me. He knew I was coming. I felt like there may had been another woman involved before me, just that feeling you know. I was wrong, and I had to listen to my inside energy to understand my purpose - like a test. When a male chooses you, its like they had chosen you before you came into this world, like the life was already planned, you just had to play it. It all matched though, and by following your instincts you will win the game, and everything will be right. So, this man came over and caught my eye. He said when you make eye contact with someone, then its a link, and a connection. You become mine and I become yours.
This male had brown hair, and broad shoulders. Stood the tallest of the male, and his human shell was very good looking - dominant and muscular. He stood confidently around his male group, like the leader of a herd, and he never followed anyone, just did his own thing, being unique and innovative. He was very intimate with me, and romantic, and we had a lot of connection. He felt like my lover, from a long time ago, and had been waiting for me for some time. I knew this was my male, because we had a lot of passion together, and that night we had fell for one another.

This was called the Species Mating Game.
The words ' Intimate, Real, Lasting, Forever' all key words in this dream.
I then woke up to my alarm for the day.

Amazing Dream, with huge significance to this life, but also a connection with Aliens & UFOs.

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