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The Grid - seeing the world as a Geometric Grid
Sasha Brisk - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This morning I woke up after a restless night sleep, body aches and pains in the female region, and hot and cold sweats sporadically throughout the night.

At 9am my eyes opened and in front of me in the middle of the room I saw lines of energy that formed a grid, and as I looked around the room it formed an entire grid throughout the room also.

I blinked a few times in case my eyes were just playing up, but it was fair dinkum, I was seeing the room as a grid.

To describe what I saw is sort of hard to comprehend because the grid was not materialistic in anyway, that is nothing like what we would consider a ‘grid ‘in this metaphysical world. The grid was sort of hollow and invisible, yet grey in colour, and ghost like. It was sort of hovering -but not, and it consumed dust like particles throughout the middle of it, which when pictured now in my vision, seemed slightly darker. The lines of energy seemed to be brighter, like ‘alive’ in a way.

My room felt cobweb like, as if I was surrounded by webs from a spider. In a way it was pleasant because I felt connected to it. When intuitively describing the feeling I received I felt natural to it, but inspired at the same time. It gave me a boost of energy to enquire about what I saw; sort of like excitement and joy. It made me feel as though my partner was connected to it, and everything in the room was too. Like one big connection. When I analysed it like this I could see how the world and everything in it is connected. Especially life, because this grid was like one big energy field – as is all of human kind, flora and fauna.

I did some research this morning on 'grids of the world' and I found a few key words that spiritualists describe this grid:

Diamond Grid of Light

Ley Lines

Portals and Travel Grids

Earths Grid System

World Peace Crystal Grid

Planetary Grids

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