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Welcome to Born With a Gift.

you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this website, together with our privacy policy governedby ‘Born With a Gift’s’ relationship with you inrelation to this website. The Term ‘Born With a Gift’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website who’s registered business is located at 43 Pfingst Road, Wavell Heights QLD 4012 Australia. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of the website.

Companies Intentions

Born With a Gift’s intentions are to help provide guidance on life purpose including career aspirations and romance. These intentions delve into both conscious and subconscious levels of awareness with the end result to be more emotionally balanced, with spiritual knowledge of who you are physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, with clearer direction in life.

Born With a Gift engages you into real life scenarios where you can practise at home, and have the knowledge to teach others what you have learnt and succeeded from.

Our intentions are to also help remove where possible the negativity from your life, including supernatural forces, psychic attacks, or inhabited energies that may or may not provoked your living space. This is a choice that is up to you, where we can only guide you along into making these changes, we can’t make them for you.

Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk provides the necessary tools to guide you intuitively and spiritually into a direction that promotes positivity and enlightenment.This result can occur either immediatly or after the service /product.

What I expect /don’t expect from customers

Sasha Brisk – the owner and Sole director of the registered business Born With a Gift will treat you as ‘she’ wishes to be treated. Any misconduct or verbal/physical behaviour and unacceptable as the environment is all about improvement and negativity and not allowed.Our aim is to remove it not engage in on it. Is prohibited and the user will be banned from Born With a Gift.

Return or Refund of products/items

A product cannot be returned once purchased from Born With a Gift online, or at the business site address.

A product is ‘as is’, and is not any different in image than what is pictured online.

A product cannot be refunded, if purchased through Sasha Brisk, or Born With a Gift.

Return or Refund of Services

Any service you purchase has a 48hour refund policy from date and time of purchase. All refunds will be returned in the form of a direct bank transfer, and you will need to allow up to 10 working days for the refund to clear into your nominated account.

In the event of a refund or service, you must email Sasha the date and time of the purchase with your receipt number, and in the subject line ‘Refund’. You must provide your accounts details including bank & Branch name, BSB & Account Number, Account name. Any Direct Bank Transfers will be issued through Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gift, and not by any other company. In the event of a refund, you will receive email confirmation back in up to 10 working days to confirm receipt number of refund transfer to nominated account.

Purchases of products or services

Any purchase of products or services will be issued a tax invoice receipt within 10 working days to confirm purchase by email, to the registered email provided by you.

Any purchase of services must allow up to 10 working days to receive date and/or time of service undertaken. Where Service is on specific dates online, or within the business premises, they cannot be changed by you but by Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gift at any time.


Any complaint regarding, products, services, or communication inside or outside Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk, must be emailed directly to Sasha Brisk through her website.

Complaints will be answered within 7 business working days with an email issued confirming complaint received and resolved with an appropriate outcome where possible.

If a complaint is made on the website itself, or on any intellectual property of Sasha Brisk, or Born With a Gift, they will be held responsible and infringements put in place where possible. This act of vandalism or Spamming is prohibited. If any complaints are made on any social media outlets, or linked pages to Born With a Gift, they may be deleted at any time. Offensive Language or negative language behaviour may be deleted or removed, and in some cases be prohibited with infringements to apply. The decision to keep a post from you or anyone connected to you is up to Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk.

Health and Safety

You are responsible for your own actions during any service offered by Born With a Gift, through Sasha Brisk. Any guidance offered during a service is 100% optional, and is not compulsory to follow.

You will not be forced to do anything you don’t want to. Intuitive Guidance provided as a service or product by the company will at no stage considered as spiritual advice, and will in no way be taken as advice, unless you choose to take it yourself. Any guidance Sasha Brisk offers had only one intention and this is to help you heal through subconscious levels, using conscious actions, and offers you the guidance to become a better person spiritually.

You cannot at any stage hold Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gift responsible for anything that does not work to your standards, or levels of living. You cannot expect anything, nor can you rely on any guidance Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gift offers you during at service or product online or at the company address. You are responsible for your own safety, and you cannot hold either party responsible in the event of death or sickness during a service, or use of products.

Anything is possible during a ritual, or service. You must also be aware of the unexpected as it is common to experience paranormal activity and lucid states of consciousness. You must follow Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gifts guidelines before during and after any event.


When engaging into any service, or purchase of product your information will be secure and private, and not given out to any third parties. Only the information that you provide Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk will be held in accordance to the offers you have strictly signed into. At any time you wish to subscribe from Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk email, you must choose the unsubscribe button on your email, or unsubscribe in other content you have asked to receive.

From time to time this website may also include links to other websites or holistic healers with their own companies that network with Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk in accordance to meet the necessary requirements. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website(s). We do not hold responsibility for the websites of these links.

Prohibited usage or Spamming

Any spamming from you, will result in a direct warning from Born With a Gift, or in the event of discrimination or unfair behaviour towards the company Born With a Gift or Sasha Brisk, infringements may apply. Spamming is prohibited within the Website and towards any content offered through Services, products and Sasha Brisk’s intellectual property.

You will not receive any other information from third parties that result in spamming or junk mail, other than the relevant content from Sasha Brisk or Born with a gift.

Copyright of all content

All content within Born With a Gift, and/or that Sasha Brisk uses within or outside of her website or business’ address is copyrighted under U.S copyright laws. This also includes any content within the media, or other user’s blog pages by Sasha Brisk or Born With a Gift.

Scope of use and user email

Sets forth the authorized users of the website and security issues regarding emails


The company name is Born With a Gift, and the Registered ABN is 48976765665. The address this office is located in is 43 Pfingst Road, Wavell Heights QLD 4012 Australia.

Born With a Gift is open by appointment only at these premises, but online is available to the user at all times, to refer to helpful services and products that are needed.

Born With a Gift has the right to change Terms and Conditions without notice, through its own site, as maintenance for website identity.


This website does not hold any responsibility for the warranty of any product purchased online by the user, or by the client at the business premises of Born With a Gift.

Intellectual Property

The materials on this site are copyrighted and protected, and unlawful copying will be considered as infringement.


Born With a gift is insured through OAMPS Insurance Brokers. OAMPS covers professional indemnity, products liability, general product liability up to $1 000 000.