Thanks to Team Chakra and Sasha Brisk for a very interesting, intimate and informative workshop on awakening and listening to our Chakras. I believe that everyone received some insightful ideas that related to them and that resonates with how they are feeling at this particular time. It was a rewarding experience and most of all we all had a lot of fun.

Anne Stosic BNE QLD 8th July 2013

I feel most fortunate to have met Sasha in the past 12 months. During this short time she has enabled me to challenge my pre-conceived ideals on a met-cognitive level, to understand the importance of living in the moment and opening myself to the divine order of the universe. Her warmth and wisdom has placed an indelible stamp on my heart and I am not the same. I now view my life with new eyes: through the lens of a spiritual being having a human experience, and I can not forget what Sasha has revealed to me. Im sure her words will inspire and resonate with you all as much as they always do, me

Bianca Hines BNE QLD 8th August 2012

Thank you for writing such an amazing book. I love it. My life is changing for the better from reading Born With A Gift. You have opened my eyes and taught me so much. I just wanted to say Thanks.

John Weeks GC QLD 9th October 2012

Thanks Sasha for a very deep emotional past life regression session! I am learning how to be vulnerable so that session was huge for me. Feel great today. Haven’t really thought about that fear at all. You are awesome. It’s not often I ask for help, particularly because I do a lot of my own healing, however, this time, you helped heal me! Feeling amazing and stronger than ever!

Kirsti Boothroyd GC QLD 26th July 2013

I watched your Utube "hear my words" and it made me cry....I felt an over whealming feeling of some one who understands. You touched me on a lot of levels. As for the Autisum in children and all this medicating rubbish, I'm going through this now with my youngest. Being told by 4 different therapists that they can't work with my child till I medicate! Made me angry and they TRIED to make me feel like a bad parent for not agreeing with them. I found one solo therapist that helps him with his anxiety through music and animals at her farm. I've had amazing results! I could tell you soo much Sasha lol I'd be here all night though. I think what your doing is helping people already. When I watched your video you helped me stay strong in a moment of weakness. God bless

Laura Whitney QLD 6th July 2012

In June of 2012 I had the pleasure of Sasha completing a reading for me. I have known Sasha since we were kids however we were a bit out of touch with the different paths our lives were taking. We had not had the opportunity to catch up or chat for a long time before this reading. To be perfectly honest, I was sceptical, however I agreed with myself to receive the reading with an open mind. I believed this would help me receive the information from Sasha with an open mind. I asked Sasha four very difficult questions for me to comprehend; I was shaking as I sent these questions through to her. The reading I received completely blew me away! Despite have no direct contact for a long time, Sasha could tell me exactly what was going on in my life, was able to answer my questions with absolute accuracy and was also able to answer the questions I couldn’t even bring myself to ask! Sasha responded to my questions with absolute honesty, regardless of how she felt I would react or respond. I took on board a lot of what Sasha put forward with regards to taking better care of myself in all forms, mentally, physically, as well as spiritually. I was the type of person who held onto everything emotionally however with Sasha’s guidance I was able to find a way to better communicate my emotions with people around me, especially my partner. The insight I took away from this reading has helped me bring my life to a more balanced state, and to go with the flow when it isn’t so balanced. It has also helped me communicate my feelings a lot better which has improved my relationship with my partner of over 7 years. Sasha has always had a personal dedication to health and wellbeing and I am very pleased that she recognised her ability to assist others. Sasha has helped me in a large number of ways over the years, mostly I believe without our awareness of the fact it was happening. Sasha has always helped me re-find my path in life which I am forever grateful!

Nicky Carlson BNE QLD 28th June 2013

Over the 6 years I have known Sasha she has at all times displayed a maturity beyond her years. This maturity is evident on a social and business level. Sasha is a deep thinker who has an ingrained high level of competency in every respect. She is a vivacious, outgoing, pleasant young lady, with, perhaps her most redeeming feature, having a burning desire to assist others in pursuing their dreams’.

Ron Jelich BNE QLD 9th November 2012

Thank you for the beautiful wand and your beautiful hand written card. I have had the wand sitting on two amethyst clusters on my bedside table, pointing at the left side of my head as I sleep for the past few nights. I feel some healing is already occurring.
Thank you so much for helping a man in desperate need of healing. Rowan

Rowan TSV QLD 26th September 2015

You are always so busy, yet always seem to find the time to congratulate/motivate/compliment us!  I just want to tell you (for a change it is the other way around) that I think you are doing an incredible job.
You have a huge workload, yet help is here for me whenever I need it, at any time! So I thank you for that. You are always so inspiring and motivational, I will admit that sometimes I feel under the pump with the workload (sometimes stuff that  you give us.. :) haha) BUT it is always for our own benefit, the clubs benefit, the PTs benefit, and Snap Fitness' benefit. I have learnt alot since you came into the position, all really great stuff, and as I write up the planner for July, it has really made me think that you are the person who has motivated and inspired me to think outside the box in terms of leads gen, referrals, member retention and ways to improve the club! I am so excited about Bellbowrie, things are going well and I am keen to keep that going in the right direction. You have such great ideas. I can tell you that I can attribute alot of my ideas for the club to your wisdom and knowledge! Thank Sasha :)

Sam Jackson BNE QLD- CM Snap Fitness 2nd June 2014

You're doing amazing stuff, am so glad to watch you grow and develop, you really do inspire me on. things have been changing for me, I started the 12wbt with Michelle bridges and up to 16kg lost now, I have a blogg though not getting to far, its www.freedomtoshine.blogspot.com and looking like 2013 are some major life changes yet again, it seems the universe is heading me into another way, but before I make that chnage I have to be real certain, for me febuary will be a turning point. anyway. keep up the amazing work and I love reading what you have to say

Sue Davidson SC QLD 30th December 2012

I saw that you had written book and anyway i was motivated to get it the other day and i have not been able to put it down, just like to say thankyou =)[image: smile] It is a great easy read and it has made me open myself up more to whats around, i started documenting my dreams the other night . . . they dont make a lot of sense but im working on it =)[ its hard cause my brain injury i forgot my dreams or dont feel as though i have dreamed?? but anyway im half way through it. i dunno how to explain but its made me think/feel differently about whats happening around me but u dnt want to listen to my crap lol i only wanted to say thankyou.

Tracy Oakford MLB VIC 14th March 2013