Vision Board Workshops

Visualise your life in front of you right now. The life that you are living and everything you Love about it. Visualise the life you wished you were living – the person you wish to be, both mentally, physically and spiritually. How does this compare to your current life purpose, what do you have to do to get there?

Sometimes when we have taken a turn in life, whether it is career or relationships, we become unsure of where to go next, what steps to take to make it successful.

One way of manifesting our dreams into reality is through the universal secret the ‘Law of Attraction’. We begin to think about the home we wish to live in, the car, the clothing, the machinery in our garage, and sometimes the perfect length of hair on our heads. It may even be as simple as a young Persian kitten as a pet, or even as big and beautiful as a loving husband, and two children. Perhaps your dream career is a healer, and your dream location to live is on the central coast. We create this outcomes as reality by creating a Vision Board.

A Vision Board is a board of art – all your dreams of who you wish to be, and to have in - life posted on a special wall in your bedroom, or bathroom. It reminds you daily (subconsciously) of the desires and necessities you are living for. Eventually, as you think these thoughts, the body energetically vibrates these frequencies from our thoughts into the universe, and they attract opportunities to draw these dreams closer to you, in becoming reality.

Included in your workshop are the following stationery, where you can get as creative as you like:

A plane white canvas, or large A3 piece of Printer Paper, or Light weight cardboard for the Board Base

A stack of old magazines/pictures/photos
Anything with positive writing/quotes/affirmation on it
Coloured Pens/Crayons/Pencils
Coloured Paper/Cardboard
Stencils etc etc
Notepad and pen for notetaking

Workshop layout:
1) Meet and Greet (Talking)
2) What is a Vision Board/ How to create one/How it enhances your desires and needs in life (projector words and pics)
3) Enhance your senses and open your intuition (15min Exercise preferable outside) - Preparation for Vision Board Making
4) Make a list of Future Needs and desires (Including Career, Relationships, Health, Romanance, Life Purpose)
5) Create the Vision Board ( Art and Craft to design the board) - This will take about 45mins - 1 hour.
6) Summary/group discussion of how everyone feels about their beautiful designs and creativity of Vision Boards
7) 5min explanation of where you can find more information

How to use the Oracle Cards

If you are looking to learn the technique of Oracle Cards, then this is the workshop for you. Workshops for Oracle Cards need to be with a minimum of 5 people, and an information sheet on Oracle Cards is sent to you before the workshop, to prepare you for the day. The preparation involves a deep and balancing meditation, to help you connect closer to your spiritual awareness and psyche, as you will need this natural ability on the day of the workshop. You do not need to have a set of Oracle Cards as this information sheet will guide you in choosing the correct deck that works well for you.

You will learn how Oracle Cards work, different layouts, and how to read them in different ways. You will learn how to build a relationship with Oracle Cards, and how to cleanse them. You will learn how to intuitively read yourself, and another without the option of reading the definitive meaning from the oracle book.

How to connect with nature and feel the ‘Chi’

A beautiful connection to nature. Learn to feel the ‘Chii’ Energy that tree spirits vibrate into the air. Learn to see Tree Auras, and the power of hugging a tree – how this can balance your emotions within seconds. Throughout the workshop you will feel the power that nature holds, and develop a closer spiritual connection to Mother Nature itself. The attire for this will generally involve bare feet, whether it is along the seashore, or in a rainforest. The location is your choice, or a choice of Sasha herself. Weather permitted of course, however if you would like to also experience the essence of rain and the healing capabilities of fresh and pure water, a few drops will only increase the healing benefits.

This workshop involves a little homework before the day. A variety of questions prepared by you, that you seek answers to in life. This two hour workshop delivers a peaceful and rejuvenating experience, by the most simplest of exercises, breathing, listening and tuning in to universal energy. At the end of the workshop, the answers you seek are usually within you, and you consciously realise that all you needed to do was release the block that prevented you from opening yourself up to possibilities.

Other (Selective)

If there is a workshop you would like created specifically for you or your group, please send me an email outlining your request.

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